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Did you know that you were created for relationship? We all were! We were created for relationship with our Creator. BUT something has gone wrong and now our relationship is broken...because we are broken. What can we do to fix it? Journey with me as we begin in Genesis then glance through some New Testament scripture to figure out how we can be restored!


Draw Closer

The Lord is my shepherd...wait, is He really? What does that even mean? You've got the 23rd Psalm memorized but, be honest, you usually breeze right through it without digging in and understanding it. Explore why we should draw closer to God and how we can draw closer to God through truly grasping the deep meaning behind the infamous Psalm 23.

Drought, Drowning, and Deliverance

Have you ever felt as if your soul was so thirsty that your bones were dry? Perhaps, instead, you may feel as though you are trapped in the breaking waves of the sea, on the verge of drowning? You are not alone! We have all walked in despair. Let's soak in Psalm 42 and ponder how we can break free from our seasons of drought and drowning.


Do you ever feel like life can be pointless? Do you wonder what on earth you have to offer? Is there really a purpose to life? If so, what is it? And how can you practically walk it out? Lean in as I share four specific lessons gleaned from a purpose-filled life...the life of a beloved sister who walked a path you can't imagine!

Are you leaving the door cracked?

Nobody wants to talk about Satan. It's like he's taboo. But guess what...he is real and he is raging war! In case you didn't know, the enemy comes to steal your joy, kill your witness, and destroy your relationships. Are you leaving the door cracked so that he can sneak right in or do you stand strong against his schemes? Through this message you will receive practical tips for perseverance and victory in this spiritual battle.

Counter-Culture Christianity

How are we, as Christians, supposed to be salt and light in a world where standing on God's Word is considered hateful? What does it look like to walk out God's Truth in a society that refuses

to accept the reality of absolute truth? I invite you to lay aside being politically correct and see what our Heavenly Father says about the things that are becoming increasingly "normal" in this brave new world.

Customizable Bible teaching also available!

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