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Angela Wethington is a devoted Christian, dedicated Women's Ministry Leader, dynamic motivational speaker, contemporary Christian author, wife, and mother. Every conference that Angela Wethington has coordinated has run flawlessly. She is a vivacious young woman who truly engages the audience in her motivational speeches and conferences. Love her!
Women's Bible Study Leader
Angela has a passion for God's word! She has a love for God that just exudes the gospel every time she speaks or teaches. She has a heart for the lost and getting a message of hope to hurting people. Absolute authentic.  Breath of fresh air.  
Ministry Leader
 Over the years that I have grown to know and love Angela, she has proven herself as a true warrior for Christ. She has an unwavering passion for the gospel and ministering to women. Angela unashamedly places her trust and hope in Christ, living it out with an unswerving and steadfast diligence. As she commits herself to serving God with her incredible talents, her messages are Spirit filled with outstanding effectiveness to reach others in their current situations. She addresses the audience with empathy and conviction, leaving them inspired to live out God’s word. By her example others are being led to search their hearts, listen to what God is saying and live out their faith in the most impactful way.
Member of Crestwood Baptist Church
Angela is a true blessing to not just our community, but to the Christian world. She's a fantastic communicator, always with a smile and friendly word, and truly cares about the women in her ministry. I'm proud to call her a friend and example in my own walk with God!
Member of Crestwood Baptist Church
There are times when you meet women and it doesn't take long to see that Jesus is "Alive" in them. I have found Angela to be one of those women. You don't have to be engaged in a long conversation with Angela to hear how passionate she is about serving Christ. What I love most about Angela is her authenticity. Angela is not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ and is fearless when it comes to ministry! I count it an honor and blessing to be considered a friend and sister to this amazing woman of the Cross!
Ministry Director
I have heard Angela speak at ladies conferences and so enjoyed her messages to us. She has such a heart for God and is a dynamic speaker. She is also head of women's ministries at our church, Crestwood Baptist in Crestwood, Kentucky and she puts in many long hours planning and preparing events for ladies of all ages. She is always so sweet and will always take time to listen, to share, and to pray for us.  
Sunday School Teacher and Ministry Leader
Angela is committed to ministering to women at Crestwood Baptist Church and her community. Her talks are relevant and pertinent for Christian women today. I feel blessed to sit underneath her teaching. Angela is committed to intergenerational women's ministry as "iron sharpens iron". With this emphasis, our women's relationships are blossoming and deepening. Angela teaches scripture and shares her personal challenges in her speaking so that we can put biblical principles to use in our daily living. I was blessed to hear her speak at the REAL LADIES Conference.
Member of Crestwood Baptist Church
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